Simchastream broadcasts live streaming of all kinds of events from anywhere in Israel. The live HD video feed can be viewed online no matter where you are in the world.
How does Simchastream work?

Our team comes to your event and records it.

As we are recording, the video is streamed live to our website.

Anyone with the access code to the event can watch it live on their own computer

Why Simchastream?
Any Event
Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, engagement parties, lectures, conferences .... Anything!
Anywhere in Israel
In a reception hall, synagogue, hotel, the Kotel or even in middle of the desert!
Affordable Cost
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Great Customer Service/Technical Support
We are with you through the entire event making sure everything goes smoothly both at the event and online.
High Quality Network Streaming
Simchastream is constantly upgrading its hardware and software in order to provide top quality video feeds for our customers.
HD Quality Video
We use state of the art HD cameras and HD transmitters to provide you with a crystal clear feed. Watch an example:

Regular SD quality


Simchastream HD quality!




Want Simchastream at your next simcha?